Friday, October 1, 2010

How to get rid of imesh web search bar and more

I'm using Windows XP, FireFox 3.6.10. This is how I got rid of all the headaches from a big mistake of downloading imesh. First, go to Start>Control Panel>add/remove programs. Find imesh, Remove it off your computer. In add/remove programs is also, Media Bar. Once you click on it to remove it, then it says "remove media bar 2.0" Get rid of that also. Now go to Start>Programs. If imesh is in your programs, delete it. Go into your Add-Ons and Extensions. There will be something about the imesh toolbar. Uninstall that. Remove anything that has to do with imesh. Now the big answer to remove that unwanted imesh web search bar! Now, (1) click on "view" above your toolbars, (2) highlight toolbars, (3) slide cursor over to "customize" and left click on that. (4) Now drag the imesh web search bar into the "Customize Toolbar" rectangle and drop. (5) Now that space is empty. If you choose to drag something else in it's place(example):The print icon or download icon, or just leave it blank. (6) Now turn of computer. Let is stay turned off for about five minutes. Turn computer back on. NO imesh! Not even in the customize drag and drop box! Now you got to fix Internet explorer. Put your home page back where it was. Fix your properties box, ect. I hope this works for you as well as this did for me.

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